Wrist Band Activity Reviews

Fitbit Alta

Automatically recognize routines and get the exact stats of your movements
Analyzes how long you sleep, and how well-rested you are. This brings into light your overall health and what steps to take to improve.
Has a built in move alert, which signals to you that you have been sitting to long

No heart Rate Monitor or GPS

Overall a sleek unit with lots to offer and at a reasonable price of under $150 it something to pick up

Fitbit Charge 2

Large Screen And Very Flexible
Heart rate Monitor
Great Battery Life

Heart Rate Monitor Less Accurate With Sweat

The Fitbit Charge 2 is one of our top picks, owing to Large Screen And Very Flexible. However, we knocked off a star because of Heart Rate Monitor Less Accurate With Sweat. Still, with Great Battery Life it easily makes it into our list of recommendations.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

Automatic Exercise Detection
Rep counting Control
Smart notifications

Hit and miss wake movement sensing
Plain design

Boasting automatic exercise detection, is the Garmin Vivosmart 3, one of our top fitness trackers for 2018. Currently available at an RRP of 129.99, which is especially reasonable although it is missing GPS and troubles with movement sensing which is why it is a 3.5 star rating

Nokia Steel HR

Very sleek and Attractive design
Great app interface
Various health programs
Above average battery life

Glass is prone to scratches
Below average alerts, nothing special

The Nokia Steel HR is another one of our top picks, as it has a Solid run tracking performance. However, we knocked off a star because of some swim tracking issues. Still, with Reliable heart rate data it easily makes it into our list of recommendations. Mid priced at $135.99

Moov Now

A Lot Lighter and smaller with a more elegant design
In-depth data recorded and analysed
To-Have real-time coaching to make instant improvements

Very basic activity tracking data
Voice coach has a grating sound to it

Looking for a fitness tracker that's great for swimming... AND all day step and sleep tracking? Then you need Moov Now. One of the best in its category, this comes highly recommended. Very great price at $73.47.