The Just Of Losing Weight

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Weight loss is one of life’s most complex and challenging things to accomplish. If you are one of those individuals that have weight problems then you know what I am talking about. Besides myself and many others that I know struggle to find that way to lose the pounds and keeps it off. I have been overweight all my life from slightly to largely and can lose weight fairly easy. I can honestly say that I am a yo-yo dieter.

In this article, I am going to give you the honest just of losing weight. Now I am not a dietitian or fitness guru or doctor but this is what I have learned throughout my life. Disclaimer all the things that have work for me may not work for others.

First, as I said in my intro that my family and I are not small people. All are fairly big individuals and all though we are of Ukrainian descent and are a typically big boned that does not give us the excuse of being fat. Hereditary does not factor into how large you are. So I am going to go back a few generations.

My Great grandfathers and grandmothers were all thin lived off of the land with naturally grown foods. My grandfathers and grandmothers were basically the same but as they grew older they did carry weight. My father, mother and their siblings when they were younger were also thin, but here is where things change. When I was young my father started getting overweight when my parent separated and this is about the time that I also started getting bigger. As you can see that hereditary does not play a part, it is mostly the circumstances that life throws at you.

Now if I look at my kids, my daughter is on the bigger size but not fat, she is taller for her age but lots of muscle. My son is a little smaller for his age but very thin and chiseled. My wife and I are overweight.

Now, what does this mean? Unless you have a specific gene that has been passed on throughout your family which in my opinion does not exist being overweight is due to 3 things: circumstantial, environmental, and mental.

Circumstantial: is exactly what it means. Anything that changes in an individuals life that creates chaos, pain or routine. For example family separation or discord.

Environmental: Anything around you that does not allow you to have the necessary access to good eating. For example, poverty, broken family, family structure.

Mental: Now this is a big one because the 2 others usually lead to this one. Broken families, poverty, family structure, most of the time lead to mental issues.

Now, I will not go into the 3 in great detail but I will talk about what I have done in the past to lose weight.

I am pretty sure that I have tried every diet out there and every diet pill too. So have worked and others….well, not so good. The one thing that all have in common is you have to eat right and add a load of exercise. But there is one that I found really works well and lost a lot of weight fast.

Before I get into it there is something you need to know. First, this diet starts off as a diet but in the end, it becomes a lifestyle change. Second, you need to be mentally ready for it, that means you need to learn to sacrifice certain things in order to achieve the end goal. Third, willpower, you have to want to lose that weight. Forth, patience, as with anything do not expect it to happen overnight. Fifth and lastly, having support, this is probably the most important as if you have no support you are destined to fail.

So, here it is, high protein low carb diet.

Yes, I know, you read it does not work but let me indulge you for a moment. I personally lost 53lbs in 3 months and felt great, the problem is I did not finish it. I did not change over from the diet to the lifestyle change and slowly gained most of it back. I got lazy and did not have the support of my wife to continue to eat healthily. I reverted back to eating my old ways.

This diet has evolved so much since the beginning. When I did it it was so strict that it almost forced you to quit. 1000 calories per day, restricted foods, etc. Now I have been testing myself on what works so that I am not starved. This diet requires you to go into ketosis.

Back in the day, you needed to eat less than 25grams of carbs to maintain ketosis but I personally stayed in ketosis with 80grams of carbs per day. What this means is that you can still lose weight while eating more carbs.

This is the one diet that works for me. It may or may not work for you.

Now I did not want to go into any specifics on that diet but what I wanted to get out there was, be mentally strong, create a strong will to want to lose weight, treat yourself every once in awhile, have support and don’t give up. Losing weight and keeping it off is for life not for a season. if you do it right you will that much more ahead in life.

If you want to know more about the high protein low carb diet (the modified version), send me an email and I will be happy to give you some pointers. Thanks for reading and share if you found and value to this.


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